Noyes Family Chiropractic


"I've been coming to Grace for a year now. During that time I've experienced more health and less stress in addition to the relief of physical symptoms that brought me to her. It's been a huge benefit and I can't thank her enough!"

~ Laurie Dinwiddie

"I'm so appreciative of the chiropractic "zapper" work that you do for me - I also think it's just plain interesting!"

~ Debby Barbose

"When I hurt my back I went to Donna Grace's. She helped my back with her new tool. It was very fun, it felt like a gentle woodpecker softly on my back. It is not scary but she is really nice and she can talk to your body which is really awesome. I think. "

~ Nelly 9 years old

"I went to Dr. Grace, not so much for a physical injury, as much as to change a negative mindset. I wanted to enjoy my chosen responsibilities more - those of motherhood and my chosen profession - and Grace has helped me so very much in this area, by helping me break physical and emotional blocks. My life is much improved for working with Dr. Grace Noyes. I am delighted with my progress. "

~ Carole Cherry

"Dr.Grace has been my chiropractor for almost 20 years. Her ability as a healer has improved both through advanced training, and increased experience during the time that I have been her grateful patient. I have credited her with keeping me on the road, so to speak. The KST is a definite advance. Because it is so gentle, my body seems less likely to return to it's accustomed patterns. I also feel that it allows me to process useful information about my process after the adjustment, and more fully integrate it into my daily life."

~ Ruth Lombard

I've long known about the mind and body connection, and Grace really addresses both in her treatment. "I came to see Grace originally for a lower back problem and her care has touched every aspect of my life and relationships. I've long known about the mind and body connection, and Grace really addresses both in her treatment. My whole family now benefits from regular treatments, both emotionally and physically."

~ Cathy Wagner

"Dr.Grace, "Coming and seeing you has helped me so much with controlling my temper at times when I really feel like I can't control it."

~ Kai - Age 11

"Dr.Grace Noyes has helped me, immensely, in changing and healing the disabilities that I acquired due to a stroke and brain aneurysm. Through chiropractic and KST therapy, my balance and walking have been strengthened and improved. Treatments that I receive increase and reprogram the connections from my brain to my body. I am continually amazed at how my chronic pain and physical discomfort is alleviated through Grace's knowledge and care. She continually assists me, and encourages me each time that I meet with her. Her chiropractic care increases my physical and emotional health, and for that, I am truly grateful."

~ Jane Antee

"Just a little note to say thank you for all your care. It is a relief to not be in pain and to know that when I am I can call you. :) I appreciate you always squeezing me in to make sure I'm doing well. Your positive attitude and caring ways make it a pleasure to see you. "

~ Gloria Gonzales

"I just want to thank you for my first KST treatment. I went to see you because I had lower back problems, I thought KST would be a passive form of treatment, little did I know that just a few hours later, I would have such a euphoric feeling…everything was “right”. I fell asleep that night not feeling my normal exhaustion, but just ready for bed. Sometimes I dream and remember some of my dreams, but not often. That night, I had the most amazing dream and I can remember exactly what I was seeing and feeling, it was a dream that was bright, vivid and beautiful.

This dream left me wanting more. In the dream I felt in my heart and being what its like to be safe, confident and secure in myself as a woman. I gave away what I didn't have to carry in my heart, it was simply gone. I know now how it feels to just “be”. "

~ Rebecca Hermosillo